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Boy or Girl, Only Time Will Tell

I’m ready to meet our baby, to find out if we get a set of girls, or if we’re going to find ourselves one day convincing Agatha that her little brother really doesn’t want pink toes, and telling Ella that “Yes, it is a nice dress, but he doesn’t want to wear it.” What an adventure that would be : )

I believe most people think we want a boy, so that’s what they guess. From the comments we’ve received, I also think most people believe the only reason we’re pregnant is with the hopes of having a boy this time. It really drives me nuts.

When we were pregnant with our first, heck before we even got married or were considering children, someone told us we had to have a girl, or else. After all girls are so much better than boys. Despite always wanting a little girl I suddenly found myself wanting a boy so very much. I wasn’t disappointed for myself when we found out we were pregnant with Ella. I was upset that I wouldn’t get the chance to shove it down that person’s throat (I know that’s not a very nice thought, but I can’t get passed it yet).

Would that person really have loved a boy less? I hope not.

I hate when people suggest one or the other is better. I don’t care what their reason is, I don’t want to hear the thought or the reason behind it. All babies are special, all babies deserve 100% love. No baby should ever be born with someone suggesting, in any way, that one chromosome is better than another. I especially don’t want MY baby born with someone suggesting the opposite sex would’ve been better.

We’ve had lots of guesses, and I don’t mind that. I enjoy the wonder of it all. The excitement. I think it’s hilarious how adamant each person is that their guess is right. My belly sits this way, so it’s a…, I drink orange juice so it’s a…, the reasons are great and so much fun to guess. As long as a guess is all it is, I’m happy. I don’t want someone suggesting I’d be less than happy if we had one or the other. I want a healthy baby. I’m really not picky.

I don’t like hearing, before our baby is even here, that if we don’t have a boy this time, we’ll NEED to try again (Yes, we’ve been told this).

Why? If we decide to have another baby, that would be our choice based on our family, not based on our girls not being good enough. And it’s none of anyone else’s business if we decide we’re done with three girls, or if we decide to add to our family a few years down the road.

Ella and Agatha are amazing little people and I would never want to change them for any reason. I am so honored, so blessed to be Mommy to two wonderful little girls but I would’ve been equally honored and blessed if they’d been boys.

When I gave birth to my sweet little girls all I could think of was how perfect they were, how absolutely amazing it was that  Ryan and I made those ten little fingers and ten little toes. That that sweet smile playing on the face of a newborn baby was ours. None of those thoughts could have changed if we’d had boys instead. The details of life would’ve been different, but I sincerely hope the feelings would be the exact same. Nothing but joy and happiness.



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