Gluten-Free Recipes

Our family found out we had celiac’s disease just over two years ago. When we found out I almost cried. I loved to cook, I loved to bake. Most of all I loved to create.

At first I stopped baking. In fact we pretty much stopped eating for the first week or two. Though my love of baking soon won out. I bought a few cook books. I bought a few flours. I bought a few gums. I baked.

It was GROSS! Everything tasted horrible, everything smelled horrible. I stopped. I bought. I read.

After two years I’ve finally figured out how to bake gluten-free with enough success that some things turn out as good as the ‘real’ deal.

These are my recipes. Most of them are baked goods, but some favorite meals will be added as well. For the most part the meals are from a favorite cook book and minimally adjusted to make them gluten-free. In those instants I will let you know which cook-book the original recipe came from.

Feel free to use my recipes, adjust as you see fit. However if you adjust and they turn out horrible, don’t blame me.

Also you may not sell anything made from my recipes without my permission. You may not enter my recipes in contests. You may not pass them off as your own (except to family and unsuspecting friends ; )

When I bake I bring all refrigerated goods i.e. milk, eggs to room temp first. I use 2% milk, 33% whipping cream, full fat yogurt or sour cream. The results are fabulous. Lower fat items might work, but personally I don’t recommend using them. My baked goods are about enjoying food, about feeling good. They are not about being healthy.

The two flour mixes we prefer are Bob’s Redmill and Namaste Perfect flour blend. Namaste already has gum added so no additional gum is necessary. When we add gum we prefer guar gum, but Xanthan gum will work with very similar results.


Gluten-free Blueberry Muffins

Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

Cream Tomato Sauce

Gluten-free Churros

Gluten-free Apple Bundt

Rhubarb Juice

Gummy Worms

Gluten-free Frosted Pumpkin Cookies

Gluten-free Cream Puff


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