New Directions

It seems I don’t find the time to blog very often. Or rather the inclination is no longer there. I don’t want to write a blog about how to parent. After all I’m learning as I go. Each of our girls is so different something that works fabulously with one would never work with the other. There are general guidelines and I think I can sum that up in one sentence. Everyone needs to feel safe and respected. As long as both parents and kids, especially parents, remember that then for the most part how you get there doesn’t really matter.

Everyone needs to feel safe and respected

So where does that leave me?

Mostly this will morph into a record of sorts of our unschooling journey. It’s so difficult to keep track of everything we do, what each girl is individually interested in as well as areas we’d like to explore more. There will likely still be parenting and relationship posts on occasion, but I find most of my posts come from a thought niggling in my mind and certain people have taken them out of context. Or rather thought the context had something to do with them. Unless specifically asked, I have never written about you or toward you. Though as parents, it’s likely we’ll all experience similar things on our own journeys.



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