playing with light

A few days ago I pulled the SD card out of Ella’s camera and found a full years worth of pictures on it. Some of the memories were bitter-sweet, but mostly we laughed as we saw the world through Ella’s eyes. We found tons of photos of everyone’s knees and butts. We also found tons of self portraits of her making silly faces into the camera. Her sisters featured prominently as did the television. The clarity of her shots improved noticeably over the course of the year, as did her ability to line up the shot. I’m amazed at the creative eye she has for choosing what to photograph. I can hardly wait to see what the next year brings.

more light







If you can’t see it, it’s a knight. There’s even a head with eyes. She set the shot up, then photographed it.


She took many pictures of the trees, this wasn’t necessarily the ‘best’ but I could just see her wanting to get a shot of the trees as they looked when she rolled down the hill.

her favorite subject

Her baby sister doesn’t sit still. Elle would pick Cordelia up and bring her back to the other end of the room and quickly race back to her camera to try to get the shot lined up and taken. It actually only took three tries before she got it. After looking at a years worth of pictures from her perspective I feel as though I know her better, I also have a better idea of just how small our big girl really is. If she didn’t already have a camera, I’d race out and get her one. Instead, I’ll encourage more use and see what she comes up with next.



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2 responses to “Photography

  1. those are wonderful pictures! can i ask, how old is elle and what kind of camera does she have? i have a 3.5 year old who is very creative, loves to paint and draw. i would like to get him a “real” camera, because the kid ones take such bad pictures and actually seem harder to use….thanks!!

    • : ) I’ll tell her you said so – she was so excited to put them on the blog! She’ll be five in a few days. She’s had this camera since she was 3.5 and has loved it. The first few pictures were pretty blurry, knees only, then bums and counters appeared, now she lines up and takes the picture she wants. It’s our old camera: Pentax Optio 3x zoom (lol)- it’s dust and waterproof. When I bought it it was expensive, but when we upgraded, I didn’t see any reason she couldn’t have a ‘real’ camera. I’m so happy we gave it to her!

      We’d given her a kids camera before and the pictures were never even close to focused and the batteries were always dead. This one is much better for her.

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