Now That You’re Unschooling, Whatcha Gonna Do Next?

I’m absolutely certain the path we’re on is the right one. However, I also believe it’s our responsibility as parents to make sure we’re still on the proper path. Did we miss a turn somewhere? Has something obscured the road making it difficult to see?

I know many homeschoolers follow a curriculum. Even at four or five years old their children sit at tables and work. The parents choose the subjects the children must study before playing. Sometimes, I envy the organization involved, but I know that’s not for us. I can barely keep my kitchen clean without going nuts. There’s no way I could teach a set lesson every day without driving everyone batty.

Instead, right now we just live life. We’re focusing most of our attention on certain experiences and ideas. Preparing the girls for something we have coming up soon. But it’s a surprise so we’re being sneaky about it. We’re not telling them why we’re looking at the youtube videos or watching that movie or this one. We’re doing a lot of talking right now. I can certainly see with this one subject, that’s so important to Ryan and I, exactly how unschooling should be done. Watch a movie, read a book, follow-up with a short video, play a game here or there, talk about the topic – “what did you think about…”, “Wow, I thought that was pretty scary. I like the way they did X, Y, Z”.

The important point to get out of this is that we know what it looks like to have a rich experience with a topic, and make sure we take the same level of passion into the subjects the girls choose, not just the ones we deem ‘worthy’. Luckily the girls love the current subject as much as we do so they jump right in and ask a dozen questions and have many suggestions for what to look at next.






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  1. How exciting!! Stay on path and trust everything unfolds perfectly. Trusting the process as a parent is the best thing you can do. That and supporting your little ones.. but you knew that. Great job, and can’t wait to read what’s up your sleeve.

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