First Haircut

I came into the kitchen and this is what I saw: my baby girl cutting her hair. She wanted to look like Flynn Rider.

There’s hair all over the floor and less on her head. I could have been upset. She had gorgeous, long hair. It came half-way down her back. I could have yelled, I could have shouted, but it wouldn’t change anything.



Instead I took pictures, and waited.

The end result suits her very well. I did cut a couple long strands that she couldn’t see, but this hair cut was all her doing.

She also cut an Ariel wig and a Cinderella wig we had. Then she asked Agatha if she could cut her hair. Agatha said no and ran away. About two minutes later she returned. With her own scissors. She promptly gave herself her own first haircut. Her curls are gone.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m sad. There’s a lot less ceremony and curls than I prefer. I’m proud. They knew what they wanted to do, and they did it. Ella even practiced a few times before she tried her own head. She had an image in her mind that she wanted to copy, and she tried. She asked for help where she needed it, she also let us know she wanted to do it herself.

Agatha saw Ella cutting, and wanted to also. She asked first. Then she did it.

My girls are growing up, and they invited me to join them. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, even if that means my girls have less hair than they used to.




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5 responses to “First Haircut

  1. Are you going to take them for “real” haircuts? Your eldest is cute with shorter hair, by the way. (Not that she wasn’t cute before.)

    • Thanks : ) I think my girls are pretty cute whether they’re bald or have long hair. But Ella really did have beautiful hair.

      Ella’s had a ‘real’ haircut before. She’s very proud of the way she’s cut her hair, and there’s no way I’ll step in the way of that. Agatha has adamantly refused a haircut for close to six months now. She’s also happy with her results. I want them to grow up able to try new, fun things with their hair, I don’t want them to connect self-worth with hair. If I were to insist on ‘fixing’ their hair, then I think that’d put more value on hair, instead of them.

      However, I did save Agatha’s curl. When she’s ready, then we’ll go to a salon.

  2. Good for you! It’s really hard not to try to step in and curb that one hey? I struggled internally too when Kestyn did his first self-haircut…he chopped it all up the day before his preschool school photos! LOL. I remember walking in and being totally horrified, almost sick even… he DID NOT ask first, so I’m freaking out he was using the scissors blindly on his head…but before I said anything, I struggled to remain calm, and then really looked at the situation…he was beaming, he was so proud of himself. He had been bugging me to take him for a haircut before his photos, but I hadn’t had time to run to town and his hair was just fine, I thought, so we hadn’t gone. HE thought it needed to be done for pictures and since I wasn’t listening to him, decided to cut it himself…So we discussed that next time he wanted to cut ANYTHING he needed permission to use the scissors first. Then we talked about how wonderful his new haircut was (lol, it was really awful! It was all I could do not to try to fix it a little, he had cut some pieces up front so short it looked bald patches.) and how great it would look for pictures the next day. The next day when I dropped him off, I ran in quick to let his teacher know what happened so she wouldn’t freak out and comment wrong, wreaking his sense of accomplishment. No prob, she’s prepared for when he struts in, all super proud…to her credit, she didn’t flinch. What a nice job, etc, etc…but did you ask mommy to use the scissors? He’s a little shame-faced. no. So she brings him in and the entire class has a big discussion about scissor safety and asking permission first. He’s smiling, reassures her and me that next time he’ll for sure remember to ask to use scissors and then off to take his picture. It is now proudly displayed on the wall. It has been 2 years now, he has never done it again, he preferrs to go to the barber with Daddy, and I can finally walk past the photo without cringing! LOL It was that bad! hahahahaha

    • I guess we don’t have it so bad, Ella’s haircut is actually pretty good. I’ve had worse from salons. I’ve heard horror stories, but it’d only take a couple seconds to make it look salon worthy. I think it helps that her frame is suited to pretty much any style.

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