Oh Wow! Look At Me Now!

As most of you know, Cordelia is growing. And learning.

At 5.5 months she can now hands and knees crawl – about 5 feet when angry – about 1 foot when happy. She now says ‘Dada’ and ‘Eya’ (Ella). She almost had mama, but she said, ‘Ma’ pause, grin, then, ‘Dada’ as she turned toward Ryan. Yep He’s loving this!

She also waves Hi and Bye-bye – to everyone. Though her reaction time is a bit slow and half the people miss it by the time she does it. Oh well. We can tell she’s very proud of herself – and that’s really all that matters.

She can roll front to back, back to front, from sitting to tummy, or back – and from tummy to hands and knees. She can pick stuff up with her whole fist, and can cross a room to pick up the only small item I didn’t notice before putting her down.

She’s now tried avocado, lemon, and watermelon. Though really it’s more tasting than actually eating at this point. Though if Agatha had her way, Cordelia would be spoon fed – all the time. Poor Agatha wants so much to help feed Cordelia.

Ella’s been in a couple camps this summer and has been having so much fun with friends coming over. Agatha is very jalous of Ella’s camps, and can hardly wait until her 3rd birthday so she’s old enough to go to. Speaking of birthdays, she turns three on Saturday. She’s grown so much since we brought that tiny llittle baby home. But she is still just as sweet as can be. She loves so much.

In the past year she’s learnt how to do so many things. Now she is starting to peddle a bike and can glied for short distances on her  balance bike. She loves to have stories read to her, and she loves to tell stories. She sings almost non-stop, and dances along to her own songs. Whenever Cordelia is upset, she sings to her. She loves ladybugs – a lot. She wants a pet kitty. She loves watching shows, though I think she loves shows because her big sister Ella loves shows. She loves to paint and colour, but she still lovves to paint and colour on some surfaces I’d rather weren’t pained or coloured. She’s really needing lots of extra love right now. So each day I try to do something special with her, even if for only five minutes.

In September Ella starts a French class, They both start horesback riding, and swimming. Ella will also take gymnastics and agatha will be in Dance. They both have a long list of things they want to try, but for now we think that’ll be good enough. We’ll see how they do with so many things happening before we decide to add anything else to their days. We’ve seen the girls tire out very quickly with 3 hours worth of camp each day. Though in the fall the majority of their classes will only be 30 min each so we hope it won’t be too mcuh for them. The way I look at it is that it’s still less than kids in preschool or kindergarten. And since it’s by request we can always stop the classes if it’s too much.

Ella is growing so much. She’s no longer a baby, but such a big girl. Unfortuantely her abilities haven’t quite caught up to her desires yet so we see a lot of moments of frustration. But mostly we see a little girl who wants desperately to help out around home. She helps Cordlelia – but her help often results in tears. She wants to do everything Mommy and Daddy do, but some things are still beyond her reach – and she does not like that.

Ryan’s painting and putting together his army (War Hammer) – but don’t worry, I doubt he’ll try to take over the world anytime soon. He’s also continuing to clean up around the house and try to make the spaces in our home useable.

I’m awaiting the arrival of my new computer – since my old one died, a horrible, painful death. Eating two manuscripts of which my final copy was not actually saved elsewhere. All of our pictures were also on there. Luckily most of those are backed up, but I still want them back. Sigh. I really dislike needing to move computers. It’s almost as much work as moving house – though less physically taxing.

I’ve also been enjoying the company of other moms and children. I really feel like we’re in the right place right now and am so happy with the conections we’ve been making. I now have time to write again too, which is truly wonderful, though as of yet I’m not sure what that means. Cordelia usually sleeps in the evening allowing me time, the question is: will I be able to keep that time for working, or will I while it away with various other hobbies? Only time will tell.


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