A Picture in her Head

We read Ella a West African folk tale today, “The Hunter’s Five Sons”. She had several questions, but the most pressing for her was, “How did the hunter die?” The story said he was dead, but no mention of how, only that his sons found his bones in the jungle. We talked about possibilities for a while, then she paused and told us she had a picture in her head of how it happened.

This is her story of the pictures as close as I could manage to what she told me. She talks fast, and wanders while she thinks. I find it difficult to write and walk at the same time, but more difficult to hear what she’s saying when she leaves the room.

The wildebeest charged the hunter, while the hunter shot at the wildebeest with his bow and arrow. The wildebeest smashed him into a flutter of bones. There were some trees in the back. The four brothers were behind the trees.

Page 2 (she’s telling the story based on the picture in her head, each portion needs a new picture and a new page)

You can’t see the four sons anymore. But a nice, big robot comes over to look, and a nice, big hyena comes and flutters the bones farther in the jungle until they’re all over the jungle.

Page 3

Then the four sons appear walking close to him (hyena). They saw a bone the hyena left in his throat. Each bone had a story laying beside it, telling how to bring the hunter back to life.

Page 4

They found a comb beside the other two bones. They pick them up slowly. They find a bookmark, and pick it up slowly. Then they found the wildebeest by following it’s tracks.

Page 5

The book was called, “How to Kill a Wildebeest”. They used the book and then scattered his bones.

Page 6

A little toy robot said all the bad animals will follow their tracks trying to flutter their bones. The sons lookaed and saw something special coming close.

Page 7

Next to the next bone, a leg bone, was a treasure chest. THey opened the treasure chest and found a huge diamond inside.  They also found a book that told them how to make the diamond small enough to go in their pockets.

Page 8

Then Cordelia comes over (the real Cordelia, from our world) and finds the wildebeests bones and follows their footprints until she catches up.

She asks them, “Where are you going?”

“We’re going to find the rest of our fathers bones, want to come with us?”


Page 9

They found the next bone, it’s the other leg. They also found a flower, a treasure chest and two very golden flowers. They were told that whoever sneeked them will have something really horrible happen, but they made them small and put them in their pockets.

Page 10

Then there was a spy glass. There were Ella and Agatha (the real Ella and Agatha from our world)too. They found their baby and joined her so she wouldn’t be lost. Corelia told them where they were going.

Page 11

Then there was an owl and a bear, they followed their footprints as well. They also found flowers, but didn’t pick them. A ferocious lion startled them and jumped in front of them. They ran and saw another bone in a tree. Cordelia climbed up and got it. Then she read the book and said, “Omni ola omia boya guog put these bones together and make them flesh.”

Page 12

Then a reindeer (It’s a real reindeer from our world) followed their footprints and a little mouse (the mouse wasn’t from our world) was walking and followed their footprints.


And that is where I had to stop writing because Agatha was running wild and Cordelia was crying. I personally love how my children are, apparently, capable of traveling between worlds. I also loved how she had the books give information to the characters. They had to find the books in order to use them, they had to quest for all the bones. She had magic words that needed to be spoken. I am absolutely amazed at her crafting ability. I hope one day to be as good of a story teller as she is now. I hope you enjoyed her story as much as I did.



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2 responses to “A Picture in her Head

  1. That is amazing…so intelligent and such a vivid imagination! Love it!!

    • We’re pretty impressed, she’d really hit a storytelling phase right now and is telling more stories all the time. Each time she wants me to write them down for her. It’s such an amazingf process for us to witness.

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