I’m still discovering just what this blog will be. Some of it seems to be parenting advice, or at least a reminder to myself how I wish to parent. Some of it’s admission of guilt, for myself, for my family, and for those out there who may think they can’t do it because on that one day (or week/month etc) they yelled or parented in some other manner that was less than respectful or gentle. There’s also the unschooling aspect. Where I show what it looks like in our home, and what we want it to look like. This blog is also a keeper of records. A diary for me, and a school journal for the girls.

If I write things down, I’ll be able to keep track of where they’re at compared to where they’ve been. It’ll also help me see where they’re going. I’m still unsure if one aspect of this blog will win out, or if it will continue being a hodge-podge.

Feel free to weigh in as to what you’d prefer to read, I’ll take your thoughts into consideration.

A month ago, even a week ago, if Ella played with play-dough all she did was mash it together into a great big ball. Then a couple days ago something changed. She pulled out the play-dough and began rolling balls, logs, spheres, cylinders, and sticking them together. It doesn’t matter what the above sculpture is supposed to be, what matters is that a body, legs, tail, and face were clearly recognizable. Whether using paper and crayons, pipe cleaners, or play dough she’s beginning to create recognizable figures, she wants to. And she’s sensitive about comments made prior to completion. She doesn’t want us to look at her work until she’s finished.


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