Green Hour

We recently bought some flowers from our local greenhouse, unfortunately once we got them home they only looked pretty for a few days before hundreds of little aphids emerged. So today we went on a backyard adventure amongst the dirt and weeds. We found Daddy Long-legs, wolf spiders, a couple other bugs I’m unsure of, and ladybugs. Our prize!

The girls were very excited – Ella had to check out what their insides looked like (I cringed, and hope this urge doesn’t continue long), Agatha decided they were her new pets and started carrying them around the house. We started with six. I can’t find any now. Though it won’t be long before we have new ladybugs. as soon as the one lady hit our aphid infested plant, she laid her eggs. In 4-10 days we’ll have the larvae eating their eggs, then they’ll begin eating our aphids over the next month before beginning metamorphosis.

Ladybug Eggs


While we were outside we also noticed the different ways the weeds spread their seeds. Foxtails cling to fuzzy stuff like sweaters – or animal fur. Dandelions spread far and wide as the wind blows – or little girls and boys make wishes. as the girls ate their cherries we talked about ways fruits and berries spread their seeds – it took a while, but after pulling apart some rabbit poop, they figured it out. Yes, they washed their hands before eating or touching their faces.

The girls had fun discovering the many ways nature works, and all it took was an hour of my time. What could you do outside with an hour?


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