Off On A Tangent

The past few days have seen a lot of sword fighting in our home and a lot of calls for rum.

The girls have a sing-a-long songs DVD and one of the songs happens to be “A Pirate’s Life For Me”. They Love it. We watch it every. Single. Day. after watching it they run off with swords cutting each other down. At he playground they spin the little ship wheel, pick up mermaids, and find buried treasure. a soccer ball becomes a cannon ball soaring over the heads of other children, slamming into some other pirate’s ship.

We’ve all been having fun with this new game. But the best part ever was yesterday. Agatha sang the song, then shouted, “Yo! Ho! Ho!” paused and declared, “Santa say’s Ho, Ho, Ho.” Then without taking a breath shouts, “Ho, Ho, Ho, and a bottle of rum, please.”

Ryan and I could hardly keep a straight face. : ) Apparently we need to put something different out with the cookies next Christmas.



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2 responses to “Off On A Tangent

  1. Lesley

    I’m all for the rum!!!

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