Ready or Not – Here I Come

There are many things I love about our new home. It’s almost double the size of our old home, and already provides many opportunities to bond with the girls.

Right now the computer and the television are in the same room, the family room, which is open to the kitchen. This means that if the girls watch shows and I’m busy in the kitchen we can still talk and spend time together. It also means that the amount of time available to use the computer is significantly less than it was a month ago. The girls are always on hand, needing attention. The laundry room is upstairs, as is the playroom. While I’m busy doing laundry the girls run in and out of the room and bring toys or books over to me for us to spend more time together. But the best part of our new house. The number one thing that draws us closer together is the size. That and the closets.

When playing hide and seek we actually have to look for the girls. Well, when they aren’t hiding in the middle of the hallway with a blanket thrown over top of themselves, giggling uncontrollably. But, they fit in every closet, as well as behind most of the furniture.

When we hide the girls call out “Marco” and follow the sound of our voices as we respond with “Polo”. It might be a swimming game, but it works just as well on land.

Tonight we played for almost an hour with the girls running around laughing as they tried to find everyone. We paused briefly when the muffins were ready to eat, then we played for a few more minutes before bed.

Hide and seek let the girls know how much we love them, it provided us all an opportunity to hug, laugh, and play together. It didn’t matter who was hiding or seeking everyone enjoyed the dynamics of the game because as the game changed a new opportunity to spend time with someone else in the family arose.

There is nothing better than seeing a huge smile on our little girls, hearing them laughing, as they throw their arms around us and say “I love you.”


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