Snap Shot

A quick snap shot of our life the past few weeks.


We’ve moved into our new home. We love it, but it’s taking a long time to unpack. Ryan still doesn’t have most of his clothes, but I know where they are so we should get them soon.


Kitchen On Day Of Possession


I also don’t have any clothes, but that’s because I’m still six sizes larger than I was before getting pregnant. I’m still two sizes larger than I was at the beginning of the pregnancy. I don’t have time to go shopping, so I ordered online, but it’s taking some time to arrive. Hopefully by Monday I’ll have clothes that fit again.

Cordelia’s almost two months old and awake now more than she used to be. During those awake times she smiles, coos, and giggles. She also enjoys tummy time and tries to push up. Though she doesn’t get very high yet. Mostly just enough to turn her head from side to side. She also enjoys looking at new things. She got a toy beaver from some friends and she enjoys the bright colours, she also loved her Sophie giraffe – though she liked it better before the squeaker broke.

We’ve also signed the girls up for classes. Agatha starts hers today. It’s her first unparented class, so we’ll see how things go. She’s excited and wants to go to one on her own, so she should enjoy it. Ella starts hers on Saturday, then in June she’ll also take swim lessons.

While each girl is in her seperate lessons I’ll spend the time with the other two giving special attention. Well see how this works for them. If it goes well we’ll continue with classes in the fall.

Ella really wants to take gymnastics and get into a French class – I’m hoping we can get her into them for the summer and/or fall. We did talk to her about kindergarten, but she’s very certain she’d rather be home and take the classes she’s interested in, rather than learning what someone else says she should. We’re happy with that.




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2 responses to “Snap Shot

  1. wow, sounds like a lot going on, but good stuff! congrats on the new house!

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