Magnificent Monday

Many People view Monday negatively. If I had a Monday to Friday job I probably wouldn’t like Monday’s very much either. I stay home, and Ryan works shift. So Monday’s only rarely mean back to work. However, today does mean back to work.

It’s a wonderful day. The house will get back in order, the girls will be more calm, snacks will be delivered to the princesses before they ask. The floors will be cleaner, the dishes will be done, laundry done. I’ll be very busy.

Cinderella arrives at the ball

When Ryan’s home I do a whole lot less. I usually take a glorious nap. But the floors aren’t as clean as I prefer. Instead of cleaning the floors, Ryan plays with the girls. Which means more mess, that doesn’t get noticed until I wake up. When I wake up, I could either clean, or spend time with my family, or possibly take a chance to read if the girls are busy on their own. Ryan could clean, or he could take a chance to do something for himself.

Then it’s time for lunch, snack, dinner – food of some type. A quick tidy and more mess happens. But I didn’t have to cook the food. Instead I helped the girls or sat down while Ryan worked in the kitchen.

When someone gets hurt, they usually come to Mommy. I certainly seem to get the majority of the tears. Which means I take a break after the tears are dried and the smiles return. It’s tough when Daddy gets the happy excited girls, and I get the super sized emotions.

While I’m helping the girls, Ryan tends to watch, he doesn’t clean. But he sees how I help the girls calm down. After all I do spend a lot more time with them and he doesn’t always understand that when someone is crying about a missing toy they need cuddles more than the actual toy.

When the tears are dried and the girls run to play on their own, Ryan doesn’t clean. I can’t know, but I suspect he feels a bit jealous, left out, when the girls need Mommy and push him away. After the tears are done, he doesn’t want to clean. Instead he takes the time to recharge his hurt feelings.

By the end of the day the majority of the mess is still around the house, but the girls had plenty of snuggle time with Daddy, and extra craft time with Mommy. They had a chance to do things that are too difficult for me to help them with on my own during the week.

Mess stresses me out. So first thing in the morning when Ryan’s at work. I clean. The house isn’t perfect. In fact there are toys everywhere, but things are organized and a small mess is easy to clean as it happens. The house could be cleaner, but then I’d need to enforce so many rules about what the girls could or couldn’t do. I’d need to spend more time away from them, rather than learning who they are, and how to help them through big emotions.

Today is a Marvelous Monday. The house is cleaner than when I woke up, the girls are fed, princess hair and make-up has been fashioned, a giant castle has been built in the basement, a toddler size ‘pool’ appeared in the family room. Aliens have taken over the living room, and most of the supplies we need to make pigs have been gathered. But most wonderful of all is that my husband called home and said he’d go out of his way to pick up the groceries today, it’s so cold that he doesn’t want to worry about me, and the girls, out. Now I don’t have to take the girls into town on such a miserable day. Instead I get to stay home and relax. Play, cook, clean. I get to be Mommy.

Princesses Magzins and Cinderella's Castle


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  1. the simple things are often the most rewarding

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