I Dream of Baby

Last night I dreamed I gave birth. Not surprising considering I hit full term this week. Also not surprising since I’ve spent the last several days looking up everything we might need to know in order to deliver on our own.

My dream consisted of me getting up out of bed, unable to sleep. The girls never stirred, so I decided to indulge in a shower that would last more than five or ten minutes. I placed some towels into the dryer to warm them up, then  hopped into a nice steamy shower and there I stayed. The contractions started. After a few minutes I climbed out, wrapped myself in a warm towel, and had a baby. I nursed immediately and everything was perfect.

Ryan finally got home from work in time to help clean everything up and tuck me and the new baby into bed. It was a nice dream. The outcome was exactly what we hope for – a health mom and baby.

Now the questions remain: What will really happen? Where will I really deliver? Will Ryan be at home, or work?

And the biggest question of all: When will we meet our little Dandelion?

Newborn Love


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